How to Scold A Puppy In A Gentle (But Effective) Way

Puppies are cute, especially when they go all cuddly and playful with you. But do you know what’s not cute about puppies? It’s when they’re chewing your favorite shoes, clothes, furniture, and doing their business on your bed, sofa, and carpet. Is your puppy a good little angel when you’re in plain sight, but acts … Read more

How To Potty Train Your New Puppy in 7 Days?

Dogs, puppies, canines, or whatever you called them, can bring lots of happiness and fun to your home. However, potty training is one of the biggest and perhaps the first challenges that you might face when you bring a new puppy into your household. Some puppies learn potty training fast, while others need more time. … Read more

How To Train Your Puppy To Walk On A Leash

Learning how to walk properly on a leash is one of the most crucial skills you can teach your adorable pup. Not only does it helps you achieve a hassle-free walk for your pup’s much-needed exercise, but it also helps improve his overall responsiveness and obedience. Here is a step-by-step guide in training your pup … Read more

Here’s How to Stop Your Puppy from Nipping and Biting

This is the most common mistake people make with puppy mouthing, chewing and biting. After reading this you’ll probably never think of puppy training advice that you hear from others the same way. Hopefully you’ll look at it all through your puppy’s eyes…and that is when you will start to understand them. Think about it… … Read more