Puppy Potty Training Schedule

Almost everybody loves to pet a dog. Not only because they’re easy to mingle with than any other animals but we also call them as a man’s best friend. But before everything went well, your puppy needs proper training. Little by little, and not only their attraction to you will increase, but also their behavior and how they will interact to other will improve as well.

When having a puppy, or if you want to train a puppy, there’s a schedule for that.

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Roam around the area

When you’ll get a puppy at such a young age, expect that they are either silent type or violent and abrasive that you almost can’t go near them. But with proper training, eventually, those puppies will be drawn to you.

When they are in that age, you should roam them around the area to get familiarize with the scents, people, and places. You can roam them in the morning and in the afternoon


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Confining a Puppy in a defined space

Having a crate is also not bad. You should provide a crate that is enough for them to move: to sit, to lie down, to turn around and even stand up in that area. This simple method is effective when observing their behavior.

Remember that dogs are just like humans that hate rags and untidy environment. So if you feel like they should pee or release some unnecessary poops, don’t release them immediately. And in that case, you’ll able to train them how to control themselves. Actually, the best time for a puppy’s training for controlling their bladder is 12-16 weeks. In that case, you can train them and they catch immediately. The best time to make them pee is around 6 am in the morning and then at least once every 30 minutes to an hour. Don’t also forget to get them outside after taking their nap.


Give them regular feeding.

Just like us humans, we need food to survive. In the morning, at noon and in the evening meal is the best time for taking their meal. Even dogs can get hungry. But make sure that they will only have enough food to eat and take away his foods between meals.

The other thing that you must remember is to never forget to give your puppy a freshwater especially when using the crate for more than 2 hours.


Have them the same spot for their business


Taking them to the same spot where they need to do some business or to pee is absolutely a great help in minimizing the occurrence of making untidy the house because of them. And it helps them to memorize when continuously you do the same thing and his scent will prompt him to go there.

You should always praise them or give them a clap when they did it. Roaming around your neighboorhood is also a good choice and should be done. Appraisal from its owner is one thing that your puppy likes. So as much as your puppy did a good job, don’t forget to get them the attention they needed. In that case, when you are doing it every time, they will also remember it and repeat their activities in the right manner.


Never punish them when they have done something wrong accidentally.

Puppies are also a sensitive creature. So when you’ll scold them for the things they didn’t intend to, you are only building their fear for you. And if you didn’t catch the actual happenings, or at least you saw a piece of evidence, don’t get angry or yell suddenly at them. Remember that dogs and puppies are not that capable of intellectually connecting your anger with the accident they have done.


When taking a schedule, don’t forget that there’s always exemptable reasons or happenings. Scheduling is only a guide to make your puppy behave well in front of its owners and to the other persons, they have to mingle with. Cleanliness is very important to them as much as we do.

Training a puppy is not really hard. You just have to get courage and consistent in taking care of them and eventually, they will be fonder of you and do the things you are going to say and do. They will also listen to the words you have instructed them and do it voluntarily and openheartedly. Try to repeat the steps you do for them every day and they will surely memorize the routine you want to implicate them.

As there is an advantage in taking schedules, there is also a disadvantage. Sometimes, puppies cannot wait until they will have to pee and it’s uncontrollable. So the tendency is that they might have peed on the spot where they are. So you should always take caution and you will not oblige to follow the schedules. Even we humans can’t control the happenings. As long as in a certain period of time, observing them is the best way to train them because, in a certain time, their activities will have a chance to go on repeatedly.

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