Tips for Puppy Training While At Work

Puppy training is definitely challenging but it is tougher when you need to work. You might be wondering, why do they need to take care of puppies when they are always going to work?

It is because people do need some companion especially when they are alone. And sometimes, we do value more the bond we shared in between than anything else.

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Puppies can be our best friend. It is just a matter of time management.

Pet owners who have worked have really a tough task on weighing on their shoulder. Even though we want to just play with them all day and all night, of course, most of us must go to work for a living.

But as long as you are willing and very fond of taking care and training a puppy, everything is possible.

Here are some tips for puppy training while their owner is at work

Make sure they have received attention before leaving to work

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We must remember that puppies don’t stay as puppies for a long time.

Puppies need attention every now and then. So make sure that when you go to work, don’t forget to recognize and notice them. Caring puppies are involved as much as an adult dog.

While you are it, have time to feed them and walk around your neighboorhood even if it just for a while.


Make them feel safe even when they are left alone.

Puppies also can feel sadness. Who wants to be left alone, right? Eventually, before you leave, talk to them if needed. Talk like you are pertaining to them as the human being.

By that way, you can ensure that your puppy will have the tendency to lessen their sadness. And the other means, you can make them feel safe, that you are coming back to them.


Have someone to look after them.

Actually, leaving alone a puppy is very concerning. So just to be sure, you just need someone to look after them and to feed them whenever they get hungry. Puppies with around 8-10 weeks need attention more than others.

Puppies also have a frequent time to do their thing and to train them well, needing others hand is very helpful. If your puppy is around 10-12 weeks of age, they have actually a bigger capacity of their bladder and maybe can’t last for more than four hours and you really need someone’s help. Either it is your family or not, it’s not a problem.


Have a bonding and go out in your free time.

This method is helpful especially in improving their socialization. So when they are left with other people, it is a no problem anymore. For they have enhanced their ability to mingle with others,  not only your thought would be at ease, but also the safety of your puppy will be reserved.


Make sure you keep them in a large area

The tendency when you left your puppy alone is that they might create a mess inside your house and I’m sure you don’t want that to happen. So for the sake of the organization of the house, you might need them to be kept in a large area with access to puppy training pads.

It also will ensure you that when your puppy can’t hold any longer of their bladder, at least they have peed outside the house. And in that way, it helps them remember and recognize where they should do their thing on the following days or weeks. Make sure that they aren’t exposed to too much heat of the sun.


I just have a piece of advice. Those who have work yet they want to train a puppy, just make sure that your puppy will be in good condition. It is unavoidable that, especially when we have no one to left them,  your puppy will only feel aggravated and at the same time, it might result in distressed.

A well-cared puppy is very lively and adorable because of the energies they contain. If they don’t have that kind of thing, you will also be saddened. It’s sometimes true that when you left a puppy alone, and you need to go to work, your puppy will also suffocate and gets bored.

But on the other side, those listed above will help you to train your puppy well even if you will go to work. And at the end of the day, it’s your puppy that is going to welcome you when you got home and relieve your stress at work.

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